Farmland Management and Consulting

CAPS farm management professionals offer a full range of services tailored to meet client goals. Click the subtitles to see specifics on each of the services outlined below.

  • Strategic Evaluation
    • Develop Farm Operating Plan
    • Analyze USDA farm programs
  • Active Farm Management
    • Secure Farm Operating Personnel, negotiate leases & manage collection of payments
    • Formulate, recommend, and implement capital improvements
    • Initiate and Supervise Repairs and Maintenance
    • Asset Protection
    • Crop Marketing
  • Detailed Reporting
    • Provide Inspection Reports
    • Provide complete accounting reports, including annual operating budgets and cash flow projections

Sample of Current Project Managed by CAPS:

oranges-0002 oranges-0001

Row Crop Farm – Clinton County, IN
CAPS oversees multiple farm projects for our clients. Drainage tile installation in this Indiana field creates a better soil environment for corn and soybean production, and more timely field operations.
Click below to see the video: