Real Estate Brokerage

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CAPS real estate team is experienced, knowledgeable and positioned to market agricultural real estate. Licensed professionals are completely familiar with regional markets and commodities. They take the time to understand client objectives and then tailor a plan of action to meet those goals.

CAPS has experienced rapid growth in the real estate sector. CAPS recognizes that, as ag land investment objectives or market conditions change, the services required by the owner / investor may also change, and property assets may have to be sold or acquired. A full range service organization can provide farmland real estate services that are coordinated with the owner’s / investor’s overall plan of action.

When selling agricultural properties, CAPS provides:

Superior Market Analysis
Unique Pricing Strategy
CAPS’ network of qualified buyers
Coordinate presentation of Ag Property to prospect buyers
Effective Negotiation Skills
Seamless closing of the transaction
Satisfied Seller & Buyer

When acquiring agricultural properties, CAPS’ real estate professionals can help find the properties that suit their clients’ need because we…

Know the farm markets
Negotiated billions of dollars in farm real estate transactions
Operate with our clients’ objectives first
Work effectively to target quality prime farmland or ranches
Leverage the experience and contacts of our partners
Experience assisting financial structuring
Disciplined due diligence
Great Communicators
Effective and fast closings